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Our specialist membership focused consultancy for choosing a CRM, CMS and Portal- why us?


We are truly INDEPENDENT.


First and foremost, with 21 years of membership, NFP and Charity experience in digital solution consulting, specifically in finding the best solutions to membership web, data, conversion, management, and engagement problems- we have some great ideas on what works and what should be avoided, at all costs… 

Our Strategies Drive Revenue & Growth – Boost your income and profitability with our expertise around CRM and Website Solutions for Trade Unions, Charities and NFP Membership Associations.

Our knowledge covers all of the areas below – call us on 01384 931011 for a FREE consultation with one of our team

We provide consultancy to help with:


Mitigated supplier selection risk: Our expertise minimizes the potential for selecting an unsuitable vendor.

Enhanced project capabilities: We bring specialist membership, technical, web and CRM project management skills that may be lacking internally.

Streamlined supplier relationships: We effectively manage communication and collaboration with the chosen vendor or vendors in a selection process.

Improved efficiency: Our involvement expedites the supplier selection process, saving valuable time.

CRM & Web

Integrated together- Manage data in one place for all members and tailor content for their interests


Receive payments for subscriptions and events seamlessly online, integrated with your CRM


Evoke contact with newsletters and mail with targeted campaigns from the dashboard


Host and take payments for events, both online and in person with a secure web booking system


Instant BI view of  business critical information at your fingertips, or build a report simply


Manage learning for members with courses, grading and awards management


Voting time with protected data for security and ‘true’ data


Member Case Management for keeping track & team responses


Finance Dashboard plan and predict with accuracy and data integrity


Connect to anything- XERO, SAGE, MS BI plus lots more options

Looking to grow your membership base, improve income and make digital services simpler?

We provide Deep Subject Matter Expertise in in the Membership CRM and Web CMS Sector

Case Study – IGEM



The Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) had problems with the existing CMS Website and CRM solution. Our lead consultant was familiar with the existing infrastructure and solution, being a product he’d deep knowledge of.

The output of the consultancy resulted in a ‘gap’ of knowledge about members data, an in-ability to produce reports and a lack of confidence in the automation of processes.

We engaged with the IGEM and carried and explored the solutions needed for the organisations growth plans.


Visit the IGEM’s website


We provided the following:


  • Discovery to uncover biggest issues facing the IGEM now and in the future
  • Evaluations of Market and Solution fit
  • Procurement Consultancy
    • Vendor Assessments and Fit
    • Tender Process Consultancy
  • Project Management post live and during implementation



The IGEM’s new Integrated CRM and Website launched 2023*


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